Sarah and Dan 😍 His romantic Icelandic wedding proposal followed a chance meeting at Uni

So, how did you meet?

We met at University ! We both happened to apply very late to Uni Halls, and ended up in the same building. It turned out we both lived pretty close to each other back home too!

When did you know you were in love?

In the first year of Uni we planned a Halloween party together. The whole Uni experience and meeting new people was all still very exciting and when it actually came to the night of the party, we ended up chatting all night. It really felt like we were on the same wavelength!

We’d known each other for a while, but after this point, it was obvious that we were meant to be doing everything else together, too!

How did you propose?

We both love the Nordic countries, lifestyle and countrysides, so I planned a trip to Iceland around the 6th Anniversary of us dating. I proposed under Skogafoss, a freezing cold waterfall. It was beautiful – but in hindsight, perhaps a few metres away from the waters edge would have made for some less sodden engagement photos!

Three things you love about your partner…

DAN: Sarah is unparalleled in her ability to care and think about others in a way I find inspiring every day. She always surprises me even 10 years on – there’s always something she knows or can do that I didn’t know about. She’s never too serious and joins in when I want to be silly (which is a lot!).

SARAH: Dan is the most patient person I know. I love his sense of humour and how he sees joy in all the little things. He puts his whole heart into everything he does and I love seeing how passionate he is about everything.

What were your first steps for planning your wedding?

Choosing WHEN in the year we wanted the wedding. We knew we wanted a Spring wedding, so it wasn’t too warm or cold.

We chose a church, and from there it was mostly choosing things that worked around the church and the time of year.

Did your wedding go how you expected it to? Were you happy with the outcome?

Honestly, it couldn’t have been more perfect if we tried. Barely a hitch in any of the plans, and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves.

What was your favourite moment of the day?

DAN: For me, it was going around with Sarah after the wedding breakfast and speaking with all our guests together as a newly married couple.

SARAH: For me, it was the ceremony and walking out of the church together married, and seeing all our friends and family there to celebrate with us.

Why did you choose me to photograph your wedding?

We met Patrick at a wedding fair and had spoken to many photographers at this point. From the get-go, he seemed genuine, unpretentious and wholeheartedly invested in helping us capture all the best feelings of the day. He came across as someone who would be a friend at the wedding, rather than just a photographer.

Tell me about your album.

Some time after the wedding and honeymoon we met back up with Patrick to go over the photos and choose which ones we wanted in the album.

The album has obviously been put together with a lot of care and thought, and it’s often a talking point with guests when they see it.

It captures the whole feel of the day perfectly and we couldn’t be happier with it.

We didn’t think we’d be that couple to force our wedding album upon people when they come over, but we’re just so happy and proud of it we can’t help it!

Anything you would have done differently?

We would have liked to have captured the speeches on video as they were all brilliant and worth rewatching if we could.

Advice you would share for planning a wedding?

Make sure it’s two people’s wedding, by making sure both of you are involved in the planning and decision making. Apart from making things easier, it means you’ll both have meaningful connections to the events of the day and brings you both closer. Be willing to go with the flow of the day, forcing things to go to plan can take you away from the moment.

Any other wedding suppliers you would like to mention?

Literally all of our suppliers were amazing and we couldn’t recommend them enough, but here are a few standouts:

Music – Blue Lion Band

Fantastic vibe, really kept the party going all through the night and read the room exceptionally well.

Reception Venue – St Michael’s Manor

Superb attention to detail and helping us prepare for the big day well in advance, they were happy to answer the litany of questions and challenges we had for them.

Cakes – Claire Festa – atyourwishcakes

Beautiful and delicious cakes

Makeup Louise Goodson –

Helped co-ordinate the bride and bridesmaids and mothers the morning of the day, to make it stress-free – whilst also doing the makeup!

Wedding favours – Soyka Scented Candles

Went above and beyond, and personally hand-delivered them when she realised how local we were!

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