Harry and Lauren’s new chapter in their lives has just began. Little Delilah is a little beauty I am sure you will agree. Congratulations to you both and Happy First Father’s Day Harry!!

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close up, new baby, girl, white headdress, studio

colour image, hertford studio photography, new born, girl and dad, beard, white dress, white headband, cuddles, hugs

Cuddles for Dad

black and white image, dad kissing newborn, dad and daughter,

Father and daughter

Mum, dad and baby, family photo shoot, studio, black background, ambient lighting, family cuddles, new born baby, pink dress, watch, white hair bow

Family hugs

Mum cradles daughter, pink dress, white bow, watch arm, black dress, face, smiles, cuddles

Mum cradles her new daughter

new born baby girl, hands touching, mum and daughter, hertford studio photographer, black background, pink dress

Mum and daughter holding hands

dad kissing mum forehead, mum kissing baby, close up, colour image