Thank you to Kat and Marc, for sharing their fabulous wedding day experience!

So, how did you meet?

Marc and I met on an internet dating site. During COVID, it “realigned” our priorities about seeking new partners so we joined Facebook dating. We both had  “mixed bags” to begin with, and had at a similar time decided to alter and widen our search criteria. We both clicked “like” on the same day, sent a couple of messages and then had a 5 hour phone call. We met up the next day and here we are!!

When did you know you were in love?

Marc: I knew I loved Kat within 3 hours of meeting her! I knew I always wanted her in my life. I had never felt such a sudden and intense emotion about anyone. I didn’t want her to leave.

Kat: It didn’t take long (a few days at the most) for me to realise that I didn’t want to be without Marc. It was like we had known each other all our lives.

How did you propose?

It was Christmas morning 2022. We were due to have both sides of family over for Christmas lunch (about 16 people) so Marc brought me breakfast in bed before I started the cooking. We chatted for a bit about the day when he seemed to slide off the side of the bed and onto the floor. I asked if he was ok as he has a knee injury. Then he produced a box and asked me to marry him. I didn’t hesitate and said yes.

Three things you love about your partner…

Marc: She is supportive and encouraging, she has a similar sense of humour, and she is the light in my darkest of days.

Kat : I feel like I have known Marc my whole life, he is my best friend. He has the kindest heart, and always puts me and my daughters first. We share a similar sense of humour.

What were your first steps for planning your wedding?

We had discussions about what type of wedding we would like. We chatted about location, style, size etc and we were on the same page about it all, which made things really easy to decide what we wanted. We had some ideas about dates and seasons. Marc researched Wedding fayres near us and booked some dates to attend. We also used Pinterest a lot to show and find ideas.

Did your wedding go how you expected it to?

The wedding day went so well. I had high expectations of our venue but they exceeded them in every way. Everything ran smoothly and professional. It was just amazing. The guests commented that it was the wedding to end all other weddings.

Were you happy with the outcome?

We genuinely couldn’t have asked for more on our wedding. The venue staff were just amazing, weather was perfect and everything went to plan.

What was your favourite moment of the day?

Marc: Seeing Kat walk down the aisle. I was frozen to the spot, I saw her in the giant mirror in front of me and cried instantly. She looked so beautiful. I felt so lucky that I had found my best friend and was about to make her my wife.

Kat : There are several moments but if I had to pick a few: 1) when getting my make up and hair done and seeing Patrick, our photographer, walk around the grounds. I got so excited and remember saying to my mum “I hope he likes the venue”. 2) the 10 minutes directly after the ceremony were we had a room to ourselves to just take it all in that we were husband and wife. 3) the aisle walk – seeing Marc and my friends crying as they saw me for the first time. 4) the daddy daughter dance. I had set Marc, Megan and Sophie up for a first dance. No one but the DJ and myself knew it was going to happen.

Why did you choose me to photograph your wedding?

Choosing Patrick to be our photographer was the easiest decision we made. We met for the first time at the first wedding fayre we attended at the beginning of the year. There were lots of people and exhibitors. We made our way through the stalls not really knowing what we were looking for, when we were greeted by a casual “hello lovelies, how are you?” We began having a chat about the fayre and where we were on our wedding journey. There was no selling, no push to even look at the stall and all the wonderful work displayed on it. As Marc chatted to Patrick I decided to have a look at his work and was blown away. We seemed to have an immediate connection and we chatted and laughed for a good 20 minutes before leaving the fayre. We attended another three fayres but found ourselves always comparing everyone to Patrick, regardless of what service they provided. His chilled nature and casual conversation had really made an impact. Patrick was the first person we committed to for the wedding. We didn’t even have a location at this point!

Tell me about your choice of presentation for your photographs.

We decided on having the digital package instead of an album. I am horrendous at choosing photos and I felt so strongly that I wanted all of them.

Advice you would share for planning a wedding?

Look at every style of wedding location. We originally wanted a barn location but fell in love with a stately home. As we looked around the venues we found that we love parts of each location but could easily find faults. When we decided on our venue we couldn’t find any faults. We were offered a late booking deal which meant we could have the package we wanted but a heavily reduced price. It did mean we only had 6 weeks to plan everything. I found it quite freeing as you had to make decisions and stick with them. I didn’t over complicate anything and let the venue shine.

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A big cheer for Kat and Marc!