Haystacks and needles!!

this article was published for a popular mainstream 
uk bridal and wedding magazine several years ago, 
but is still relevant today

There are currently thousands of full-time wedding photographers in the UK, and hundreds of others practicing part-time. No wonder finding the right person to capture your wedding memories can be such a challenging task, bringing to mind haystacks and needles! Choosing your photographer is complex. Photographs will become more valuable to you over timeYou need to feel confident that your photographer will not only provide an outstanding array of images, but that you can interact with that person on your wedding day.

Building a strong relationship with couples planning their wedding is key to Hertford-based photographer Patrick (www.patrickphotographer.com). With more than ten years experience he’s seen, and enjoyed capturing them all – from meringue dresses and sequinned tux through to the sultry and slink!. Yet despite shooting in excess of 250 weddings he still feels strongly that each one is unique and consequently should be shot with the passion and enthusiasm of the very first.

As a wedding photographer, it’s impossible for me to become complacent. Not only do I have the responsibility of capturing a very special day for the bride and groom, and of course their friends and family, but I’m also privy to some very unique and personal moments. When couples feel comfortable with me I am able to capture these shared moments without being intrusive.

I know from first hand experience how valuable photographs are as a constant memento and record of the wedding day, and for me it’s an honour to be able to record such a wonderful occasion. Quite simply, I love my job – there are very few professions that enable you to regularly bring pleasure and joy to other people!”

According to Patrick, whilst there’s plenty of advice about how to ensure the best possible pictures of your wedding day, once you’ve got the right photographer, by simply being yourself and enjoying every minute of the day, the best pictures will follow.

The basic steps

  • Ask friends or family for recommendations of photographers they have used or seen in action at other weddings
  • Ask to see complete weddings, not just their best images
  • Agree in advance what is included in the package e.g. if prints are included, how many and what size
  • Clearly outline any concerns you have about the photography on your big day e.g. Sensitive family issues
  • Discuss how and where your group shots will be taken then leave it to the photographer. A good photographer should be able to organise guests for group shots (without the help of the ushers or best man) and capture all you require in approximately twenty minutes

your new best friend?

Before booking your wedding photographer ask yourself…

Could you envisage your photographer as a guest to your wedding?

They will be mingling with your friends and family during the wedding and you need to be sure that on such an emotionally charged day your photographer can be sensitive to your guests, and your needs.The lasting feeling regarding the photographer should all be positive – a true professional will secure fabulous pictures without being domineering or causing a fuss.

Is there a rapport with them?
A good rapport with your photographer is essential.

Take the time to discuss how your photographer plans to capture your personalities and the tone of the wedding day e.g. relaxed or more formal. If you have built a rapport with your photographer, a true professional will be able to reflect your personalities in the pictures he or she takes.

Also, if there are any particular shots you would like taken discuss this also. It’s your wedding afterall!

“take a couple of minutes to go for a stroll every hour or so, either with each other or a good friend. This will make your magical day feel far longer and you will be able to take in the day and what’s happening around you”

Finally, a seasonal tip from Patrick. If you are having a winter wedding and would like shots taken outside, perhaps plan the ceremony earlier in the day so there will be enough natural light for the shots that follow!

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