No doubt you are looking for wedding jewellery that is personal as well as special, when it comes to your engagement and/or wedding bands?




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chapter79 logo, bespoke jewellery shop Hertford rings your stories in jewellery


We chatted to owners Andy and Jackie, to find out more…



How did you come to be Chapter79.?

Owners Jackie and Andy of Chapter 79, standing in the doorway of their Hertford Jewellery Shop

Andy designs and Jackie makes 

We met at Art college, where we both studied Design and I soon found my passion when I specialised in jewellery and metalwork. I then trained as a goldsmith in Hatton Garden, working hands-on on the bench and with suppliers to the trade, which I found to be invaluable experience. Andy specialised in 3D design and intricate model-making and now loves converting our clients’ ideas into reality using software to help visualize their concepts.


The brand name Chapter79. for our jewellery pretty much says it all: “your stories through jewellery” is the “Chapter” and “79” is the atomic number for gold – so we feel the words combined gives us a great name for our brand.


We fell in love with Hertford and have been here since 2006, and have more recently moved to our lovely independent shop in the town. We love being part of the community.

I need the perfect ring please! How can you help?

Firstly we like get a sense of style that our customer prefers – it is classic, modern or funky? What colours do they wear? Are they extrovert or introvert? Practicalities also have to be considered when choosing or creating a ring to fit in with their lifestyle. For example, guys who may like to wear a wedding band may not be used to wearing one. We have designs that feel flatter to wear and therefore feel less intrusive on the hand.


Sometimes customers already have an idea of what they like and some have researched ideas. We would then offer examples of what we have, let people try them on to get a feel, as we also sell ready-to-wear rings which can be bought over the counter. But it might be our customer prefers something embellished which then makes it unique.

We often have people come in with their own design ideas!

Sometimes they are drawings or pictures – we even had a design idea from a customer made out of blue-tac. We love making unique jewellery.


For example, someone might like their own idea of a pattern engraved onto a plain band. Whether simple or complicated, we can show our customers rendered images of what their finished jewellery will look like. This often leads to developing new ideas with the customer and we show various designs until it is perfect for them.


Our design service is free so we can find out what they really want. Once they have settled on their design choice, we look at how to achieve their final piece using the best metals and stones to match their budget.

I would like a wedding band to complement my engagement ring?

Sometimes people feel it’s quite tricky finding the perfect wedding band having already got an engagement ring. We can help with this!

We can even visualise what the two would look like combined, regardless of shape, colour and stones used, so they look like a perfect match.

Do you other jewellery other than bridal?

Yes! We have all sorts of jewellery on offer for every occasion. We have gift vouchers too!

What about remaking something new out of something old?

Oh yes! Andy loves to help, firstly by chatting to find out more, then with that in mind he loves to redesign and then create visuals to show the customer what we can make. For example, a customer had a piece of jewellery that was broken but wanted it altered to look a bit different. He could see this is the style she liked, and used this as basis for inspiration to produce a new updated piece by producing three visuals for her. From here she chose the one she loved and we created it for her.

inside the premises of jewellers, Chapter 79. The owners, designers and goldsmiths looking at the cameraThey are a friendly and approachable team and they love nothing more than to provide exactly what is required. Loren ensures the office runs smoothly and has a wonderful flair for the shop display. Andy and Jackie clearly have a passion for their craft and you can see this as they chat to their customers.

Another lovely feeling about Chapter79. is that you are talking to the very craftspeople who are creating your jewellery pieces.

The in-house workshop is a buzzing environment with Emily and Jackie crafting all sorts of jewellery!

Their jewellery is not just for weddings, they have a fabulous range on display for all occasions. Why not pop in and see for yourself?


chapter79 logo, bespoke jewellery shop Hertford rings your stories in jewellery

historic building, upstairs window, road name sign. shop front with two display windows of jewellery with a central glass door. the words chapter 79 your stories in jewellery are sign written

Hertford’s Chapter79.